Property Management in Arlington, TX

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Arlington vs. Nearby Cities

With a median listing price well below $300,000, Arlington is one of the more affordable cities in the northeastern region of Texas. Dallas is about 20 miles to the east and features an aggressive real estate market with a median listing price around $400,000. Denton is about 40 miles to the north and often has a median listing price around $300,000. Arlington’s real estate market offers prices much closer to nearby Fort Worth and Waxahachie, both of which tend to stay closer to $250,000 for their median listing prices. The median sales price in Arlington is often closer to $200,000.

Arlington Property Managers

Property managers are typically given the authority to act on behalf of rental property owners. They’re responsible for enforcing the rules and collecting rent, and this may include initiating the eviction process or assessing fines in accordance with state and local laws. They may also handle marketing and paperwork for new residents.

Arlington Property Management Fees

Most property managers charge a basic managerial fee plus added fees for finding new residents and processing their background checks and paperwork. Managers may also request that property owners keep added funds on hand to pay property bills and cover maintenance expenses. When repairs are needed or an emergency strikes, those expenses are also covered by the owners.

Texas Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Unless the lease states otherwise, Texas landlords must give residents at least three days to vacate the property before they can file for eviction due to the tenant’s failure to pay rent. The landlord will send the tenant an unconditional quit notice to put this into effect.
  • If a landlord fails to make essential repairs to a rental unit within a reasonable amount of time, the tenant may pay for the repairs and deduct the expense from their rent. They may also choose to withhold rent until the repairs are made.