Property Management in Augusta, GA

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Augusta vs Nearby Cities

Augusta offers some of the more reasonable real estate prices on the eastern edge of Georgia. The city’s median listing price is around $200,000, but it’s common for the median sales price to fall much closer to $150,000. Buyers often pay a median of $80 per square foot with prices in some neighborhoods going significantly lower. This is similar to the housing prices seen in some nearby cities, including Grovetown. Other cities command higher real estate prices. For instance, the median listing price in Evans is often around $300,000. For bargain real estate prices, residents may look in Warrenton. The median home price in this city is typically well below $100,000.

Augusta Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for maintaining rental units so that they are profitable over time. This typically involves overseeing maintenance, landscaping and renovation projects. Managers may also collect rent, answer questions and respond to concerns and complaints from tenants. Marketing and screening for new tenants often falls to the manager as well.

Augusta Property Management Fees

Professional property managers charge a standard management fee in addition to leasing fees or vacancy fees. The property owner is expected to pay for all operational expenses in addition to these fees, including the cost of marketing and repairs. The management fee is typically between eight and 14 percent of the rent collected.

Georgia Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are required to place a working smoke detector on each floor of a residential rental unit.
  • Georgia landlords are not legally required to provide kitchen appliances in a rental property.
  • While landlords cannot legally restrict the visitors that a tenant welcomes into their rental unit, guests who spend the night frequently are sometimes classified as unauthorized occupants.