Property Management in Bend, OR

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Bend vs Nearby Cities

Bend is located in central Oregon and offers a median home value close to $400,000. The median listing price is typically under $500,000, and it’s common for buyers to pay more than $200 per square foot in this city. These prices are much higher than the national average, and most surrounding cities have comparable real estate markets. For instance, the median home value and listing prices are well over $400,000 in the city of Sisters. Buyers can find slightly lower prices in cities like Redmond, where the median home value drops below $300,000. Buyers can pay closer to $100 per square foot in this city.

Bend Property Managers

Property managers typically do much more than collect rent from tenants. They are often responsible for ensuring that maintenance routines are followed and that all rental units are kept up to code. They may start the eviction process and talk to tenants about rent increases, pet deposits and other policies. Most managers also handle disgruntled tenants and order repairs as needed.

Bend Property Management Company Fees

Property managers often charge anywhere from eight percent of the rent collected each month to 12 percent or more. While some managers charge a flat monthly fee in exchange for a set number of services, most will customize their rate and services to meet the needs of each property owner. It’s important to ask what services are included in your rate.

Oregon Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • The State of Oregon places no restrictions on the amount that landlords may charge for security deposits.
  • Once a tenant returns the keys to a rental unit, the landlord has 31 days to return their security deposit.
  • Tenants may sue for up to $10,000 in damages if a landlord fails to return their security deposit.