Property Management in Chandler, AZ

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Chandler vs Nearby Cities

Chandler boasts slightly higher real estate prices than you will see about 20 miles north in Phoenix. The median listing price in Phoenix can rise slightly higher than $250,000 at times, but the median home price in chandler can go higher than $300,000. The median home value in both cities tends to stay below $300,000.

Cities within 10 miles of Tempe feature real estate prices in the same general range. For instance, the median home price in Mesa tends to stay around $250,000, and the median price in Tempe typically stays below $300,000. The median rental price in this area of Arizona is around $1,500 per month.

Chandler Property Managers

Property managers are experienced real estate professionals capable of determining the best rental rates for the local area. They can help with décor and property maintenance while interacting with tenants and prospective renters in a professional manner. They serve as representatives of the property owner and should keep the owner updated on the property at all times.

Chandler Property Management Company Fees

Property managers often charge around eight percent of the rent collected from a rental property each month. This rate can go up to 10 percent or higher, depending on the services included in the contract. Leasing fees and operational expenses can increase the expense for the property owner.

Arizona Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Once a tenant vacates a rental property, the landlord has a full two weeks to return the security deposit.
  • When a landlord refuses to return a tenant’s security deposit without legitimate deductions, the tenant may file a lawsuit for up to $2,500 in damages.