Property Management in Corona, CA

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Corona vs Nearby Cities

How the real estate prices in Corona stack up against neighboring cities depends on how close you get to the southern California coast. The most comparable prices are found in cities like Anaheim and San Bernardino. Both cities are within 30 miles of Corona and have a more inland location, and they feature median listing prices significantly lower than $600,000. The median listing price in Corona is often a little above $600,000.

The median listing price in Los Angeles is known to jump well above $700,000 at times, so moving to the coast is more expensive. Costa Mesa is on the coast about 30 miles from Corona and boasts a median listing price around $800,000 much of the time.

Corona Property Managers

Your rental properties are excellent investments, but how much do you really know about the day-to-day tasks required to maintain and protect those investments? If you need a little help in some areas, a property manager will do the job. They can handle all aspects of management from determining what you charge for rent to overseeing repairs and interacting with tenants.

Corona Property Management Company Fees

Property managers will often quote you a monthly price for service, and the quote should come with a list of covered services. You will often need to supply additional funds for the routine expenses related to managing your property. Services not covered in the management fee will demand an additional fee.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • When a tenant decides to install a waterbed, the landlord has the right to increase the security deposit. This increase can go no higher than half of one month’s rent.
  • If a tenant’s utility bill includes charges for areas beyond their rental unit, the landlord must inform them of such charges in the rental agreement.