Property Management in Corvallis, OR

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Corvallis vs Nearby Cities

Corvallis is home to an active real estate market with competitive home prices for western Oregon. The city’s median listing price is around $400,000, but the median sales price is often closer to $350,000. These prices are slightly higher than many surrounding towns, including Albany, Salem and Dallas. The median home price in all three of these cities tends to stay a bit below $300,000. Other cities in this region of the state offer more affordable prices. For instance, the median listing price in Lebanon is often around $200,000. Buyers can expect to pay more than $100 per square foot on average when purchasing a home in this region of Oregon.

Corvallis Property Managers

Real estate investors and other property owners depend on property managers to keep their rental units occupied with quality tenants. Managers are available to answer questions and respond to repair requests from tenants while collecting rent and communicating with landscaping and repair contractors. Managers may also oversee accounting and bill payment for the property.

Corvallis Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers charge a percentage of the gross rent collected each month. Property owners often pay between eight and 10 percent in addition to a higher leasing fee. This fee is taken from the first rental payment from new tenants secured by the manager. Higher rates are sometimes negotiated for added services.

Oregon Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Oregon landlords have no limitations when determining how much to charge for a security deposit.
  • Landlords cannot impose a security deposit or raise the amount of a security deposit once a yearly leasing agreement is signed. Landlords should assess security and pet deposits before the lease goes into effect.