Property Management in Dallas, TX

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Dallas vs Nearby Cities

As demand for housing stimulates new construction throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, housing prices continue to soar. While the median listing price was once around $200,000 in Dallas, it’s now more common to see that figure around $400,000. The median listing price in Fort Worth is a bit lower, staying mostly under $300,000. Some nearby cities offer comparable home prices while others still boast much lower prices. For instance, the median listing price in Arlington is around $200,000, and the median listing price in Plano is closer to $400,000. Waxahachie offers a middle ground with a median home price around $250,000.

Dallas Property Managers

Property managers are skilled real estate professionals capable of handling the day-to-day and long-term operations of a rental property. This includes communicating with renters, screening new tenants and overseeing repairs and maintenance projects. Managers also provide routine reports to the property owner, often including pictures and accounting overviews.

Dallas Property Management Company Fees

Property managers typically base their fee on the size and condition of the property. This is often presented as a percentage of the rent collected, and a vacancy fee may also apply. Owners are also responsible for paying routine operational expenses and may pay extra for services not included in their standard contract.

Texas Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • When a tenant fails to pay their rent on time, the landlord must give the tenant at least three days to move before filing for eviction.
  • Texas landlords can only charge a late fee if the rental payment remains unpaid a full 24 hours after the due date.