Property Management in Davis, CA

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Davis vs Nearby Cities

The real estate prices in Davis often double the prices found in nearby Sacramento. Home prices have been on the rise throughout this region of northern California, and the median listing price in Sacramento can spike above $300,000 at times. That is quite low compared to the median listing price in Davis, which is often over $600,000. Most smaller towns in this region offer prices much closer to Sacramento. In Woodland and Vacaville, the median listing prices tend to stay around $400,000. The median price per square foot in these towns is usually around $200 compared to more than $300 per square foot in Davis.

Davis Property Managers

Property managers serve as representatives of property owners, so they have the authority to collect rent, initiate the eviction process, enforce property rules and hire contractors for renovations, repairs and maintenance services. A full-time property manager will keep rental units up to code and attractive to tenants so that property owners continue to profit.

Davis Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers charge a basic management fee in addition to occasional charges for extra services. The management fee is often a percentage of the rent collected from tenants each month, but some managers may agree to a flat fee. A leasing fee is often added to cover the expenses needed to find suitable tenants.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California renters have the right to move out of a rental unit early if the landlord fails to make repairs that are necessary for a comfortable quality of life.
  • If the electricity or gas bill for a rental unit includes energy used by another area of the property, the landlord must disclose this fact in the leasing agreement.