Property Management in Dublin, CA

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Dublin vs Nearby Cities

Real estate prices are well above average on the coast of central California, and the housing market in Dublin offers some of the highest prices. San Francisco is less than 40 miles to the west and often features a median listing price above $1 million. Nearby Pleasanton and San Ramon offer similar prices. Dublin is just slightly more affordable with a median listing price around $900,000 much of the time. The median price per square foot in all four of these cities is often around $400 if not higher, and renters often face a median rent price well over $3,000 per month.

Residents in search of lower real estate prices can look to cities like Hayward and San Leandro. Both cities feature a median listing price around $600,000.

Dublin Property Managers

California property managers serve as legal representatives of the property owner. They are authorized to communicate with tenants in order to collect rental payments, ask questions and make decisions regarding requests for repair. Managers are often responsible for coordinating maintenance and repair activities while overseeing landscaping contractors.

Dublin Property Management Company Fees

Most property owners will pay their managers no more than 10 percent of all rent collected from the tenants. When a manager handles the marketing and screening for new tenants, they typically ask for a leasing fee as well. Operational expenses and other charges for added services may also apply.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If the electric or gas bill attached to a rental unit also covers service to other areas of the property, the landlord must disclose this information to each tenant renting that unit.
  • California landlords cannot legally charge more than twice the monthly rental rate for a security deposit.