Property Management in El Paso, TX

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El Paso vs Nearby Cities

El Paso is located on the westernmost tip of Texas, and most of the closest cities are in New Mexico. The real estate prices throughout this region of the United States are rather consistent. The median listing price in El Paso is typically around $200,000, and you can expect to see the same prices in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Median home values in both of these cities tend to stay around $150,000. Many western Texas cities offer real estate prices within the same range. For instance, the median listing price in Odessa is often close to $200,000.

El Paso Property Managers

Property managers combine managerial skills with real estate, marketing and accounting knowledge to ensure that rental properties remain up to code and profitable. An experienced manager can handle all tenant communications while keeping rental units occupied with qualified tenants. They may also handle all accounting duties while overseeing property maintenance and repairs.

El Paso Property Management Company Fees

Texas property managers tend to charge less than 10 percent of the gross rent collected from a property each month. Rates can go higher for rental properties in need of extended attention, and additional fees may apply for services not included in the basic fee.

Texas Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Texas landlords may charge a late fee once a tenant’s rent is one full day late. The due date does not count as that full day.
  • Landlords are required to reveal their intention to charge a late fee in the rental agreement. If a rent fee is not covered in the lease, the landlord cannot legally charge the fee.