Property Management in Fairfield, CA

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Fairfield vs Nearby Cities

Fairfield is positioned between Sacramento and San Francisco on the western border of central California. The city’s median listing price tends to stay around $450,000, but the median sales price is typically closer to $400,000. This is similar to the prices seen in some nearby cities, including Vacaville. Other nearby cities command much higher real estate prices. For instance, the median listing price is often over $700,000 in Napa, and Concord often has median listing and sales prices around $550,000. For more affordable housing prices, buyers can look to cities like Vallejo. This town usually keeps the median listing price close to $350,000.

Fairfield Property Managers

Real estate investors and busy property owners often depend on experienced managers to keep their rental units in line with state laws and suitable for quality tenants. A manager can handle the daily operations while suggesting improvements that may make the property more valuable. Direct communication with tenants also falls to the manager in most cases.

Fairfield Property Management Company Fees

Most California property managers base their management fee on the amount of rent collected from the property. This fee can get close to 15 percent at times but is typically below 10 percent. Owners may negotiate lower prices or accept higher prices for contracts that include more services.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are required to keep rental units habitable at all times.
  • When a landlord refuses to make necessary repairs to a rental unit, the tenants have the right to pay for the repairs and deduct the expense from their rental payment.
  • Every rental unit in California is required to maintain functional plumbing, including a working sink and faucets that deliver hot and cold water.