Property Management in Fort Myers, FL

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Fort Myers vs Nearby Cities

Fort Myers offers some of the most reasonable real estate prices on Florida’s Gulf coast. The median home value is often around $250,000, which is similar to the home prices in nearby Cape Coral. In Bonita Springs, the median listing price often spikes to around $400,000, and the median price is typically around $450,000 in Naples. Buyers can expect to pay a median price of $600,000 in Marco Island. These high prices often reflect the availability of luxury homes on the water, which is one advantage to living along the coast.

Fort Myers Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for overseeing and scheduling general maintenance and repairs for rental properties of all sizes. They may manage single-family rental homes, large apartment complexes, trailer parks or condominium complexes. In addition to collecting rent, they make sure that each rental unit complies with all state laws.

Fort Myers Property Management Fees

Property managers often charge up to 14 percent of the rent that they collect from tenants. This fee may go much lower or a bit higher, depending on the character of the property in question. Some property owners receive lower per-unit management rates because they have more properties for their managers to oversee.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • The State of Florida doesn’t regulate the dollar amount that landlords may charge for security deposits on residential rentals.
  • Landlords cannot evict tenants who are behind on their rent without giving the tenants at least three days to pay the full amount due. If a tenant pays only part of the overdue rent, the landlord may still proceed with the eviction process.