Property Management in Greenville, NC

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Greenville vs Nearby Cities

If you’re searching for affordable housing in eastern North Carolina, the Greenville area is a good option. The median listing price tends to stay below $200,000 in this city, and it’s common for buyers to pay $80 or less per square foot. This is comparable to prices seen in Goldsboro and other larger cities located within a one-hour drive of Greenville.

Smaller cities located nearby often offer even more affordable prices. For instance, the median listing price in Washington tends to stay around $150,000, and Stantonburg is a good place to look for homes under $100,000. Grimesland is a small town in this area with slightly higher home values, but the prices are a bit higher as well.

Greenville Property Managers

If you want to free up some time for your personal life or you know that you’re not qualified to manage your rental units effectively, a property manager can serve as your representative. They can handle complaints, requests and questions from tenants while helping you keep your units occupied and in great condition.

Greenville Property Management Company Fees

Expect an experienced property manager familiar with the real estate market in North Carolina to charge around 10 percent of the rent collected from your property each month. The rate is often a reflection of the specific services that you want the manager to perform, the condition of your property and other factors that determine how much time the manager will spend on your property.

North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • A tenant’s rental payment must be at least five days late before the landlord can charge a late fee.
  • After a tenant is five days late paying the rent, the landlord may charge a late fee of $15 or five percent of the monthly rental rate.
  • North Carolina landlords cannot raise the rental rate in a discriminatory manner.