Property Management in Henderson, NV

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Henderson vs Nearby Cities

Henderson is located about 15 miles south of Las Vegas toward the southern tip of Nevada. While the median listing price in Las Vegas tends to stay below $300,000, the median listing price in Henderson is known to spike above that figure at times. The prices in Henderson are more comparable to cities located further south. For instance, Boulder City is positioned 10 miles to the southeast and boasts a median listing price slightly above $300,000 much of the time. The median home values in Henderson and Boulder City tend to stay well above $250,000.

Henderson Property Managers

Property managers can handle many of the unpleasant tasks that come with managing rental properties. This may include processing and enforcing evictions, collecting rent and overseeing the cleanup of units after tenants move out. Property owners often depend on their managers to keep their rental units profitable and in line with all state and local laws.

Henderson Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers charge between 8-12 percent of the rent collected from tenants each month. Many management companies will work with each property owner to customize the services delivered to the property at hand. When additional services are requested, property owners may need to pay added fees.

Nevada Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords must give their tenants at least a 45-day notice when they plan to increase the rental rate.
  • The State of Nevada places no limitation on the amount landlords can charge for rent.
  • If a Nevada landlord charges a late fee, they should include a provision stating the amount of that fee in their lease agreement.