Property Management in Indianapolis, IN

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Indianapolis vs Nearby Cities

Real estate prices are rising dramatically throughout Indiana, but you can still find plenty of affordable homes for sale in Indianapolis and neighboring cities like Crawfordsville. The median price per square foot is below $100 in both cities, and median listing prices tend to stay well below $150,000.

These prices are much lower than those found in smaller towns like Greenwood and Carmel. Both of these cities are within 10 miles of Indianapolis and boast median listing prices well above $200,000. In Carmel, the median listing price is above $400,000, and buyers often pay more than $200 per square foot.

Indianapolis Property Managers

Select a property manager whom you can trust to protect your real estate investment. This may include paying utility bills, hiring contractors for repair work and ensuring that tenants follow the rules established for your property. A good manager will reduce the amount of stress that you feel as an owner, and they may elevate your property to provide a better living environment for your tenants.

Indianapolis Property Management Company Fees

Expect your property management team to charge you a percentage of the rent collected from your tenants. They may also ask for a vacancy fee, and you can expect to provide additional funds for repair and maintenance expenses. Most managers also charge more for advertising and other services beyond basic managerial duties.

Indiana Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords must provide “reasonable” notice before entering rental property occupied by a tenant.
  • Indiana landlords cannot refuse to rent to a victim of domestic violence and cannot evict such victims. Tenants must provide proof that they are victims of domestic violence to qualify for these extra protections.