Property Management in Jackson, TN

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Jackson vs Nearby Cities

Buyers searching for affordable real estate prices in Tennessee might consider the area surrounding Jackson. The median home value for most cities in this area is around $100,000, and it isn’t difficult to find homes listed for less than $80,000. The median listing price in Jackson can get close to $150,000 but tends to stay a bit below this figure. It’s common for buyers to pay a median of $75 per square foot in Jackson. Buyers can expect to find similar home prices in most nearby towns, including Lexington. There are some cities that offer slightly lower prices. For instance, the median listing price in Humboldt is often below $100,000.

Jackson Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for maintaining the integrity of all rental properties under their care. This often includes overseeing landscaping and maintenance workers while communicating with tenants and screening potential renters. The manager is often first on call when an emergency occurs and will typically approve repairs requested by tenants.

Jackson Property Management Company Fees

Property owners typically pay their managers a percentage of the rent paid by their tenants. In some cases, a vacancy fee or leasing fee is also charged to cover the expense of finding and screening new tenants. Most property managers charge less than 10 percent for the basic management fee.

Tennessee Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords have up to 30 days to return a tenant’s security deposit once they have completely moved out of a rental unit.
  • If a landlord in Tennessee intends to deduct from a tenant’s security deposit, they must give the tenant notice in advance.