Property Management in Lodi, CA

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Lodi vs Nearby Cities

Real estate prices in Lodi are comparable to most nearby cities in central California. The city’s median listing price tends to stay above $350,000. As home values continue to rise, the listing price could easily hit $400,000 or higher in the future. Median sales prices typically stay much lower than $400,000.

Those numbers are comparable to real estate prices seen about 20 miles to the north in Elk Grove. The median home value and listing price tend to stay a little below $400,000 in this city, but home values are climbing. More affordable prices are found within 15 miles of Lodi in cities like Stockton and Terminous. In these communities, home values and median listing prices tend to stay below $300,000.

Lodi Property Managers

Property managers can make managing rental property in Lodi less stressful. They can track rent payments and help you find suitable tenants. Everything from advertising to attract tenants to overseeing contractors when repairs are needed can fall within the job scope of a property manager or management team.

Lodi Property Management Company Fees

Most Lodi property management services will base their fee on the amount of rent collected from your property each month. You can expect to pay between 8 and 12 percent of the rent collected, but some services may round it out to a flat fee. Make sure to ask about vacancy fees as well.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Tenants have the right to call state health officials if a landlord fails to make needed repairs.
  • Tenants may also move out without notice or withhold their rent if a landlord fails to repair the rental property when needed.
  • Landlords are limited to twice the monthly rent when determining the security deposit for an unfurnished rental unit.