Property Management in Louisville, KY

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Louisville vs Nearby Cities

Real estate prices in northwestern Kentucky are rather uniform with the exception of a few popular cities. Median home values in Louisville, Frankfort and Shepherdsville tend to stay below $150,000. Median listing prices in these cities are typically well below $200,000, and most buyers will pay less than $150 per square foot throughout this area of the state.

As the demand for housing in the Louisville area increases, prices are likely to continue rising in years to come. Prices may soon mirror those in La Grange, which rests about 20 miles northeast of Louisville. This city boasts a median sales price over $200,000 much of the time, and many buyers pay more than $200 per square foot for their homes.

Louisville Property Managers

A qualified property manager can help you manage everything from accounting and marketing to basic customer service and rent collection. Some managers specialize in single-family rental homes, townhouses or apartment buildings, but many have the experience to handle any type of rental property. This often includes commercial rental space.

Louisville Property Management Company Fees

Expect an experienced property manager to charge you according to the amount of rent collected from your property each month. This fee can beyond 10 percent if you’re dealing with a professional management team capable of protecting your investment efficiently. Make sure that you know what services are included in that basic fee.

Kentucky Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are required to give tenants a notice of at least two days if they intend to enter the property for repairs or inspections.
  • Tenants are often required to notify their landlords when they plan to stay away from the rental property for more than seven days. The landlord must state this requirement in the lease.