Property Management in Mountain View, CA

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Mountain View vs Nearby Cities

Mountain View is located near the San Francisco Bay in southern California. This region demands some of the state’s highest real estate prices, and Mountain View is one of the costliest cities. The median listing price is known to go well beyond $1 million, and the median home value is often around $1.5 million. These prices are similar to many nearby cities, including Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. There are also some cities in this area that command even higher real estate prices. In Palo Alto and Cupertino, the median listing prices are often over $2 million. The median rent price in this area of California is well over $3,000 per month.

Mountain View Property Managers

A property manager is a real estate professional with specialized knowledge in the local market. They can help property owners keep their rental units profitable over time. This is done by handling all accounting and filing taxes as well as overseeing repairs, landscaping and maintenance tasks for all areas of the property.

Mountain View Property Management Company Fees

Property managers are typically paid through the rent that they collect from tenants. They may charge around 10 percent of gross rent collections, but that rate can go higher for more demanding properties. Managers also charge leasing fees and a variety of added charges.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord decides to deduct from a tenant’s security deposit, they must provide the tenant with an itemized list of the deductions.
  • When a tenant disagrees with deductions taken from their security deposit, they have the right to sue the landlord for up to $10,000 in damages.