Property Management in Naples, FL

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Naples vs Nearby Cities

Naples serves as the primary tourist destination on southern Florida’s western coast, so it’s not surprising that the real estate prices are higher than in most surrounding cities. The median home value in Naples is close to $350,000, and the median listing price tends to stay below $500,000. Bonita Springs is located about 10 miles north and boasts a similar median home value, but the median listing price stays much closer to $400,000 most of the time.

Neighboring cities located further inland offer even more affordable prices. For instance, Golden Gate is less than 10 miles to the east and features a median listing price below $300,000. Keep in mind that the value of a home is also significantly lower than in Naples.

Naples Property Managers

A property management team can give you the freedom to live wherever you want and to spend more of your time doing things that you find enjoyable. You always know that you have competent, experienced professionals interacting with your tenants, ensuring that the rent is collected on time and enforcing your rules. Your presence isn’t required for your business to flow smoothly.

Naples Property Management Company Fees

A property management service will likely quote you a price for a set of specific services. In most cases, this fee is a percentage of the total rent collected plus a vacancy fee for empty units. You will also need to cover basic operational expenses, the cost of repairs to your property and fees for additional services as needed.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a Florida landlord has authorized another person to act on his or her behalf, they must reveal that person’s name and address to all new tenants.
  • There is no law limiting what a landlord can charge for security deposits in Florida.