Property Management in New Bern, NC

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New Bern vs Nearby Cities

New Bern is located on the Neuse River in eastern North Carolina. This is one of the more affordable regions of the state, and it’s common for buyers to pay well under $100 per square foot in most cities surrounding New Bern. While the median listing price for homes in this city can get close to $200,000 at times, most nearby cities offer slightly lower prices. Median listing prices in Bridgeton and Vanceboro tend to stay well below $150,000, and the median closing price in Vanceboro is often much closer to $100,000. It’s common for buyers to pay $70 or less per square foot in these cities.

New Bern Property Managers

Property managers pay attention to the small details that are essential to the maintenance of a profitable rental business in North Carolina. This often includes processing evictions, returning security deposits, overseeing property repairs and collecting rental payments. A great manager is essential to protecting the legal interests of a rental property.

New Bern Property Management Company Fees

An experienced property manager may charge up to 12 percent of the rent collected from a property each month. Some managers will opt for a flat fee, but the percentage model is more popular. The higher the rate, the more services are often included in the contract.

North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • For a leasing contract that spans more than one month, landlords can charge no more than twice the monthly rental rate for the security deposit.
  • Landlords in North Carolina are permitted to add a “reasonable” pet deposit to the standard security deposit.