Property Management in Ontario, CA

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Ontario vs Nearby Cities

Ontario is located less than 40 miles east of Los Angeles in southern California. This region of the state is known for scattered real estate prices. The median listing price in LA is known to spike well above $700,000 at times, and the median listing price in Pasadena is often well above $800,000. Ontario comes in a bit lower with a median listing price much closer to $400,000. While homes can sell within 30 days of hitting the market in LA, the housing market in Ontario often moves a bit slower, making it easier to find a home that fits your needs. Some nearby cities like Riverside offer home prices similar to those found in Ontario while cities like San Bernardino offer median home prices below $300,000.

Ontario Property Managers

Property managers are expert organizers and communicators with a high level of real estate knowledge. They are familiar with the local housing market and are able to determine competitive rental prices. They collect rent from tenants while ensuring that all areas of the property are maintained over time.

Ontario Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers receive leasing fees to cover their expenses when marketing for prospective tenants. They also charge a management fee, which is typically a percentage of all rent collected from the property. This fee may go as high as 14 percent but tends to stay below 10 percent for most properties.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords can charge up to two times the monthly rental rate when asking for a security deposit.
  • Tenants must completely vacate a rental unit and return their keys before they can expect a return of their security deposit.
  • Landlords may take up to 21 days to return a tenant’s security deposit.