Property Management in Roseville, CA

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Roseville vs Nearby Cities

Roseville is located less than 20 miles northeast of Sacramento in central California. Home prices started an aggressive upswing in this area of the state in 2016, but prices in Roseville remain a bit higher than those in Sacramento. The median listing price in Roseville is around $450,000 much of the time while prices in Sacramento tend to stay around $300,000 if not a bit lower. Buyers can also find affordable prices in Citrus Heights, where the median listing price tends to stay under $350,000. For luxury homes boasting a median value well over $400,000, buyers can look in nearby cities like Folsom and Auburn. The median listing price is often over $500,000 in both of these towns.

Roseville Property Managers

An experienced property manager can give a real estate investor peace of mind. They have the expertise to handle everything from accounting and rent collection to maintenance duties and property upgrades. In some cases, the manager determines the rates for monthly rent, security deposits and late fees.

Roseville Property Management Company Fees

Most California property managers will charge a basic management fee plus additional charges as needed. The management fee is typically below 10 percent but may get close to 15 percent for properties that demand more substantial care. Many managers also charge a leasing fee to cover marketing expenses and tenant screening.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California landlords have no limitations on what they may charge for a late fee as long as the fee is “reasonable.”
  • Landlords cannot ask tenants for a late fee that isn’t specified in the lease agreement.
  • If a tenant’s rental check bounces, the landlord may charge a $25 fee for the first offense and a $35 fee for repeat offenses.