Property Management in Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento vs Nearby Cities

The median home value in Sacramento and many surrounding cities is around $300,000. As values continue to rise throughout central California, home prices are likely to increase a little each year. The median listing price in Sacramento tends to stay a little below $300,000. This is comparable to surrounding cities like Stockton and Yuba City.

Higher home values and listing prices are found about 15 miles to the south in Elk Grove. This neighboring town boasts a median home value just under $400,000, and the median listing price is about the same. Lodi is about 35 miles to the south and features higher housing prices as well.

Sacramento Property Managers

Do you need some help keeping your rental property in excellent condition? A professional manager will help you stay on top of all tasks needed to keep your tenants happy. They may also protect your investment by making sure that you abide by all landlord/tenant laws in California.

Sacramento Property Management Company Fees

What you pay your property manager for a year of service will depend on the services contracted and the needs of your property. Most managers charge a percentage of the rent collected each month with a vacancy fee added for empty units. You can also expect additional expenses for the upkeep of your property.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords in select California cities are required to follow rent-control ordinances. This limits what the landlord can charge in rental fees.
  • If a landlord is to collect a late fee for rent payments not submitted on time, they must disclose the exact amount of the fee in the written rental agreement.