Property Management in San Diego, CA

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San Diego vs. Nearby Cities

San Diego is one of the largest cities in southern California, and it offers prime real estate directly on the Pacific Ocean. The popularity and natural beauty of this coastal town drives up housing prices, so it’s no surprise that the San Diego real estate market is pricey compared to surrounding cities.

The median listing price in San Diego is known to jump up close to $700,000 and generally stays above $600,000. The smaller town of Chula Vista is located directly south of the city and offers median listing prices around $500,000. Cities north of San Diego like Oceanside and San Marcos typically keep their median listing prices in the $500,000 – $600,000 range.

San Diego Property Managers

Property managers are hired to do the tasks that you wish you had time to complete. They can also handle the jobs that are beyond your area of expertise, ensuring that your investment properties are managed with more professionalism. Efficient property management leads to happy tenants.

San Diego Property Management Company Fees

What you pay for professional property management in San Diego will depend on the type of services contracted and the size of your property. You will generally pay a base fee for select services with additional fees required for added services. For example, advertising and tenant recruitment often require additional fees.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord refuses to make essential repairs to a rental property, the tenant is legally entitled to make those repairs and deduct the expense from their rental fees.
  • California landlords cannot charge more than twice the monthly rental rate for the security deposit.
  • Some California cities have rent ordinance laws that limit rent prices.