Property Management in San Jose, CA

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San Jose vs Nearby Cities

San Jose is located approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco on the southern coast of the San Francisco Bay. The city’s median listing price is around $800,000, which is a bit lower than many cities in this region of California. For instance, the median listing prices in Fremont and Morgan Hill tend to stay around $900,000, and the median listing price in Santa Cruz is often around $950,000. While these prices are well above the national average, they’re still low compared to some nearby cities. The median listing price is often around $1 million in Pleasanton, and the median home price is over $2 million in Palo Alto.

San Jose Property Managers

Property managers assume responsibility for the daily operations of rental properties. They may adjust rental rates and oversee upgrades so that the property remains profitable over time. Many managers have the expertise to screen tenants, create leasing agreements, collect security deposits and rental payments, and even handle evictions when necessary.

San Jose Property Management Company Fees

Property owners and real estate investors can expect to pay an experienced property manger between six and 14 percent of the rent collected from tenants. Most property management companies will negotiate the final management fee, depending on the services included in the contract. Leasing fees are often charged in addition to the management fee.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • In addition to checking a rental applicant’s credit history, landlords may use a tenant screening service to learn about the applicant’s rental history.
  • If a landlord chooses to decline a rental application based on negative credit report entries, they are required to provide the applicant with a statement notifying them that the decision was based “partly or entirely” on information found in their credit report.