Property Management in Santa Rosa, CA

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Santa Rosa vs Nearby Cities

While the real estate market in Santa Rosa features home prices well above the national average, those prices are substantially lower than the price of homes about 50 miles to the south in San Francisco. The median home price in Santa Rosa tends to stay around $600,000, and the median home price in San Francisco is often well above $1 million. Home prices seen in many nearby cities are similar to those found in Santa Rosa. For example, the median listing price in Napa is around $700,000 much of the time, and the median listing price in Sonoma is often around $850,000. Median rent prices are often close to $3,000 per month in this area of central California.

Santa Rosa Property Managers

California property managers are familiar with the super competitive real estate market in this state and can help property owners price their rental units appropriately. They are also experts when it comes to the regulations that landlords are required to follow in order to maintain a successful rental business. This includes accepting rental payments from tenants as well as handling all accounting for the property.

Santa Rosa Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers collect a percentage of every rent payment collected from tenants. This fee is often around 10 percent but can fluctuate, depending on the number of properties an owner wants managed and other factors. A leasing fee equal to about half of a single month’s rent is often charged when a manager brings a new tenant onto the property.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California landlords cannot file for eviction before giving their tenant at least three days to pay overdue rent or move out of the rental unit.
  • Tenants have the right to move out of a rental property without giving the landlord notice if the landlord fails to make critical repairs to the property.