Property Management in Sarasota, FL

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Sarasota vs Nearby Cities

While home prices in Sarasota are higher than prices in many nearby cities, they aren’t the highest in this area of Florida. The city rests on the Gulf coast and often features a median listing price around $350,000. This may seem like a deal compared to the median listing price seen in Osprey, which is much closer to $500,000. It doesn’t seem like such a deal when compared to most other cities in the area, including Bradenton, Sarasota Springs and Venice. All of these cities feature median listing prices between $250,000 and $300,000 most of the time.

Sarasota Property Managers

When residents have questions, need to turn in their rent, or want to request property repairs, they often communicate with the property manager rather than the property owner. The manager represents the owner in daily operations, and they’re often responsible for finding qualified tenants to fill vacant units.

Sarasota Property Management Company Fees

A property management firm will typically charge a management fee plus a leasing fee, and the owner is expected to cover all operational expenses. The management fee is usually a percentage of the gross rent collected from tenants, but some management firms will work for a flat fee.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are required to notify a tenant in advance if they intend to deduct expenses from their security deposit.
  • Florida landlords may take up to 60 days to return a tenant’s security deposit, depending on whether the tenant disputes deductions taken from the deposit or not.
  • Tenants in Florida are entitled to advance warning when their landlord wants to enter their rental unit for any reason.