Property Management in Savannah, GA

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Savannah vs Nearby Cities

Savannah is positioned on the edge of Georgia, where median home values tend to stay around $150,000 and median rental prices tend to rest around $1,000 per month. The median price of a home in Savannah is typically around $200,000, and the median price per square foot tends to stay around $100. This is consistent with most nearby cities, including Statesboro. Some of the region’s most affordable cities are Hinesville and Brunswick. Both of these cities offer home values closer to $120,000 and median home prices securely below $150,000. Median rental prices can fall below $1,000 in these cities, but not by much.

Savannah Property Managers

Property managers represent owners when communicating with clients about rent, property repairs and rule enforcement. They must stay up to date on all landlord-tenant laws and ensure that the rental property is in line with those laws. A skilled property manager may also decide the best rental price, depending on the local real estate market.

Savannah Property Management Company Fees

Property management fees in Georgia often fall below 10 percent of gross rent collection. This rate may get close to 15 percent if the property requires an unusual amount of attention or if the property owner requests services that aren’t often included in the fee.

Georgia Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Georgia landlords have no limitations when setting the rate for a security deposit.
  • Once a tenant moves out of a rental property and returns the keys, the landlord has one month to return the tenant’s security deposit.
  • Tenants may file a lawsuit up to $15,000 if a landlord fails to return their security deposit.