Property Management in St. George, UT

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St. George vs Nearby Cities

Real estate prices in St. George are comparable to those seen in most cities on the southern edge of Utah. The city’s median listing price is around $350,000 or $170 per square foot, which is slightly lower than the surrounding metro area’s median home price. Ivins is located just north of the city and features higher real estate prices. The median listing price in Ivins is approximately $450,000 and can get close to $500,000 at times. Other nearby cities and towns feature slightly lower prices. For instance, the median listing price is much closer to $300,000 in Hurricane.

St. George Property Managers

Property management companies serve as representatives of rental property owners or investors. They handle the daily maintenance of the property’s interior and exterior features while overseeing any necessary repairs or upgrades. They’re also responsible for interacting with clients and collecting rent each month. In some cases, property managers are the first contact for emergencies.

St. George Property Management Fees

The average property management fee is often around 10 percent of the total monthly rent value. The fee is often much lower or higher, depending on the specific terms of the contract. Most property management companies will also charge an added fee for each new tenant they bring to the property.

Utah Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Utah landlords have up to 30 days from a tenants move-out date to return their security deposit. If the keys are returned later, the landlord must return the deposit within 15 days of receiving the keys.
  • When tenants believe a landlord has withheld security deposit deductions illegally, they can file a claim in court worth up to $10,000.