Property Management in Tampa, FL

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Tampa vs Nearby Cities

The real estate prices in Tampa are comparable to most cities along Florida’s western shoreline. This city is located right on the Gulf of Mexico and is a major tourist attraction, so it’s not surprising that the median listing price often gets close to $300,000. The median home value is much closer to $200,000. The same median prices are seen about 20 miles to the south in St. Petersburg.

About 20 miles to the west in Clearwater, the median listing price tends to stay below $250,000. Slightly higher prices are seen 40 miles to the south in Bradenton. This city boasts a median home value around $250,000, but the median listing price can get close to $350,000 at times.

Tampa Property Managers

You entrust your property manager to one of your biggest investments, but they can also take a lot of stress out of your life. Your manager can communicate with tenants while ensuring that your property remains marketable. From finding contractors for repairs to handling late rent payments and complaints, your manager can handle problems on your behalf.

Tampa Property Management Company Fees

While some property managers charge a flat fee, many base their rate on the amount of rent collected from your property each month. They can take up to 14 percent, though most are closer to 10 percent. You can expect additional charges for marketing, operational expenses and other added services.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord fails to make major repairs needed in a rental unit, the tenant can legally withhold rent payments.
  • Once a rental agreement is signed, the tenant is legally entitled to a private and peaceful living environment.
  • Florida landlords are required to keep their rental units free of pests.