Property Management in Tucson, AZ

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Tucson vs. Nearby Cities

Home values throughout the southeastern corner of Arizona are on the rise. From large cities like Phoenix and Tucson to small towns like Sierra Vista, homeowners are watching their value estimates rise while more buyers search of affordable property. For Tucson, this means the median price of a single-family home is on the rise. The median listing price tends to stay below $200,000, but that could change in upcoming years.Even with those rising prices, Tucson still offers more affordable housing than nearby Phoenix. This larger city boasts fewer foreclosure properties, but the median listing price is closer to $300,000. Some of the best deals in this region come from small towns like Sierra Nevada, where the median listing price remains well below $200,000.

Tucson Property Managers

Hiring a property manager is the most efficient way to ensure that your property is protected and well-maintained whether you’re around or not. It gives you the freedom to enjoy a more rewarding lifestyle and makes it easier to manage multiple investment properties. They help with all tasks from collecting rent to finding suitable tenants.

Tucson Property Management Company Fees

Property managers typically charge a management fee based on the types of services extended. They can then request additional fees for leasing services and miscellaneous tasks. The management fee is often based on a percentage of the rent collected, so vacancy fees sometimes apply.

Arizona Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Arizona landlords are required to provide educational materials regarding bed bugs to all tenants.
  • If someone is authorized to act on behalf of a landlord, the landlord must identify that person in writing to all tenants.
  • Once a tenant vacates a rental property, the landlord has 14 days to return their security deposit.