Property Management in Tulare, CA

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Tulare vs Nearby Cities

Buyers in search of affordable housing prices in California might want to look in the south-central region near the city of Tulare. This is a small city with a median home value close to $200,000 and a median listing price around $250,000. It’s common for buyers to pay an average of $150 per square foot or less, which is comparable to many surrounding cities. Median listing prices are usually around $250,000 if not a bit lower in Visalia, Hanford and Porterville. Renters throughout this region can expect to pay a median rental rate around $1,300 per month.

Tulare Property Managers

Some of the best rental properties remain popular with tenants due to the hard work of a talented manager. A property manager with years of experience and a passion for the real estate industry can ensure that rental units remain occupied and the grounds are well-maintained. They communicate directly with tenants while keeping the property owner updated.

Tulare Property Management Company Fees

The most affordable property managers tend to charge between six and eight percent of the gross rent collected from a managed property. This fee can go over 10 percent if there are special circumstances or the owner asks for services not typically included in a management fee. Owners often pay an additional leasing fee as well as basic operational costs.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Once a tenant turns in the keys to a rental unit, the landlord should return the security deposit within three weeks.
  • Tenants are legally entitled to advance warning when a landlord intends to take deductions from their security deposit.
  • Landlords can go no higher than twice the monthly rental price when asking for a security deposit.