Property Management in Turlock, CA

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Turlock vs Nearby Cities

Turlock is located in central California and is far enough inland to beat the high real estate prices found along much of the coast. The city’s median listing price tends to stay well below $400,000, which is in line with most surrounding cities. Manteca is one of the area’s more expensive cities with a median listing price around $400,000. Median listing prices in Modesto and Stockton are often around $300,000, and median home prices in Atwater and Merced are typically around $250,000. Renters can expect to pay a median rent price close to $1,200 per month in this region of the state.

Turlock Property Managers

Property managers oversee the daily operations of rental properties, and that includes catering to renters. They market the property to attract quality renters, screen prospective tenants to see if they qualify, and then arrange lease signings to welcome new tenants to the property. They are also responsible for scheduling repairs and renovations as needed.

Turlock Property Management Fees

Property managers are usually paid a percentage of the rent collected from a managed property. Most management companies will negotiate with clients to determine a rate that fits the demands of the property. In most cases, the management fee is below 10 percent of gross rent collections.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • For unfurnished rental units, landlords have the option of charging a security deposit up to twice the monthly rental price.
  • For furnished rental units, landlords have the option of charging a security deposit up to three times the monthly rental price.
  • Once a tenant vacates a property, the landlord may take up to three weeks to return the security deposit.