Property Management in Twin Falls, ID

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Twin Falls vs Nearby Cities

The real estate market in Twin Falls offers flexible pricing to meet the needs of most residents. The median listing price is around $250,000 and is expected to increase in years to come. Buyers can expect to see listing prices starting around $150,000 and going up to $600,000 or more. The median cost per square foot is around $150, but that can change quickly as demand for homes improves.

Buyers can find slightly lower prices in nearby Shoshone. The median home value is around $160,000. Buyers can expect to find homes listed between $200,000 and $400,000. In Rupert, prices are a bit higher. The median home value is about the same as in Shoshone, but listing prices can go up to $1 million. Buyers may also find homes for less than $200,000 in this small town.

Twin Falls Property Managers

Property owners don’t always have the time, desire or skill to manage their rental units. They may hire a property manager to ensure that their property and tenants are well cared for over time. The manager may collect rent and communicate with tenants, including processing evictions when needed. They may also screen potential tenants and market available units to keep the property occupied with well-qualified renters. When repairs are needed, the manager is often the one to find a qualified contractor, negotiate pricing and oversee the work.

Twin Falls Property Management Fees

Property managers usually charge a base management fee plus additional charges for select services. Vacancy fees are common. The average management fee is around 10 percent. Most management services determine individual rates for every client. The fee is often based on the location of the property, the number of rental units covered, and the services included. Property owners are expected to pay all operational expenses plus the cost of repairs and property upgrades. Other charges may apply.

Idaho Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords cannot raise the rent in Idaho without giving the tenant a notice of at least 15 days.
  • Idaho landlords can’t start the eviction process without first giving the tenant at least three days to pay their rent or move out of the rental unit.