Property Management in Vacaville, CA

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Vacaville vs Nearby Cities

Fairfield is about 10 miles south of Vacaville and features similar home prices. Both cities often have a median home value around $400,000 with median listing prices around the same figure. Lower prices are often found 30 miles to the east in Sacramento and about 20 miles to the south in Vallejo. The median listing price for both of these cities tends to stay below $400,000, and home values are often closer to $300,000. Most small cities surrounding Vacaville feature similar real estate prices, but the median listing price does jump above $1 million if you look on the coast in San Francisco.

Vacaville Property Managers

You know you need a property manager when you’re spending all of your time overseeing your rental property. You may also opt to hire a manager if you know that there are areas of management where your skills are lacking. A manager can oversee daily operations as well as ensuring that your investment is protected at all times.

Vacaville Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers start out with a base fee and then add charges as needed. For instance, you may pay a base fee for daily supervision of the property while the time taken to screen new tenants requires an additional charge. The cost of repairs is typically not included in the base management fee.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • While most landlords charge one month’s rent for the security deposit, they are legally able to charge up to twice the monthly rent.
  • If the rental property is furnished, the allowed security deposit increases to three times the monthly rent.
  • Landlords can add up to one half the monthly rent to the security deposit if a tenant wishes to use a waterbed.