Property Management in Victorville, CA

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Victorville vs Nearby Cities

Victorville is located in one of the more affordable areas of southern California. The city’s median listing price is often close to $250,000. The median sales price is often similar to the listing price. These prices are comparable to neighboring cities like Apple Valley and Hesperia. The median listing price tends to fall around $250,000 in these cities, but the median sales price in Apple Valley is often much closer to $200,000. These small cities are far less expensive than larger cities on the coast.

Victorville Property Managers

A property manager can make the difference between a well-maintained rental property that earns you money and a poorly maintained property that causes you problems. A good manager will communicate with your tenants, oversee necessary repairs and ensure that property rules are followed consistently. You’ll have more free time and greater peace of mind.

Victorville Property Management Company Fees

A property manager may charge you added fees for advertising, tenant recruitment and expenses related to necessary property repairs. If you may use these services, make sure to ask about charges beyond your standard management fee. The management fee will vary, depending on the exact services included and the demands of your property.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • A California landlord can take action to evict a tenant if they have proof that the tenant is violating the law while in the rental unit.
  • Landlords may also terminate a rental agreement when they find that the tenant is subletting the rental unit in violation of the rental agreement.