August Pro Review

Read time: 15 minutes Last Updated: 10/21/2019

August Smart Lock

  • Uses your existing deadbolt
  • Allows for unlimited e-keys
  • Strong Bluetooth encryption
  • No built-in alarm
  • Need a hub to connect to Wi-Fi
Ease of Use:
Pretty simple; August Pro has more features
Smart Home Integration:
Alexa, Google assistant, nest, IFTTT, SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and many others (if optional wi-fi hub/August Pro purchased)
Ease of Installation:
A screwdriver and the easy-to-follow instructions
August app or Apple Home app (August Pro)
Door Unlocks by:
Remotely via app or Z-wave enabled devices (August Pro)
Remote Access Type:
Bluetooth, wi-fi (if optional bridge purchased); Z-wave technology (August Pro only)
Power Options:
2 AA batteries
Lock Type:
Lock attachment
Keys or Keyless:
Allows both options
1-year limited on hardware
Our Review

Overall, the August smart locks earned an 8.7/10 weighted average score, making them two of our higher-rated smart lock brands.  Either version of the lock is a great choice, but we’d recommend purchasing the optional Wi-Fi hub to get the most out of either lock.

The August Pro is a great lock for anyone who already uses Z-wave enabled devices.  Another thing we liked about the Pro was the compact size—it’s smaller than many other smart locks out there—and it has a sleek design.

Both versions of this lock are an outstanding choice for Airbnb or homeaway users since both versions of the lock integrate directly with each company’s site.

If the optional keypad is purchased, then access codes can be easily created and sent to the users directly via Airbnb or homeaway, and e-keys can also be easily sent to renters as well.  And, it has the added plus of using your existing lock, so it isn’t obvious to others that it’s a rental property.

Keep in mind that both versions of the lock are lock attachments that use your existing deadbolt.  If you’re looking for a full locking assembly to replace your existing lock, August smart locks won’t do that for you.

However, if you’d like to keep your existing lock and just make it a little smarter, then either of the August locks could be a great fit.

Read more about our ratings for the August or checkout how it compares to other top smart locks available.

For more information about both locks, you can go to the manufacturer’s website here.

Ease of Use

Everyday usage and multiple users

The August Pro comes with built-in Z-wave technology, while the August smart lock doesn’t.

Both locks will require you to purchase the optional Wi-Fi hub in order to control the lock remotely via the app and to integrate with some smart home devices.  (The August Pro integrates with many devices through Z-wave technology, but Wi-Fi is still needed to pair with Alexa or Google assistant.)

With the Wi-Fi hub, both locks allow for a wide range of remote control functionality with multiple smart home systems and devices.  Without the hub, the regular August lock can only be controlled within Bluetooth range.

The app is incredibly simple to use and is packed with features that many apps don’t have, including unlimited digital keys to send to guests, and the ability to select which users you’d like to see alerts for.

Because the lock simply attaches to your existing deadbolt, you don’t need to worry about drawing attention to the fact that you have a smart lock, and you always have the option of using your existing key should the batteries die on you.  (Which is quite possible since there’s no low-battery warning on the lock or in the app.)

The vast majority of users have reported that getting in and out is simple, adding other users is seamless, and that integration with other smart devices works like a dream.

While we would have liked to see some additional features in this price point, such as an included keypad or touchscreen, or at least a low-battery indicator, the lock does what it does well.

Be aware that, unlike other smart locks on the market, the August smart locks do not have any kind of built-in alarm to let you know if someone has accessed the lock without permission or has attempted to physically damage the locks.

You can, however, pair your lock with some home security systems to overcome this missing feature.

For those reasons, we gave this smart lock a 9.5/10 in the ease of use category.

Smart Home System Integration

Which systems is this smart lock compatible with?

Both smart locks require an optional hub for Wi-Fi connectivity, which is necessary if you want to integrate either lock with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. Note that while Alexa allows you to unlock the door via voice command (after using a 4-digit pin), Google assistant does not.

The biggest difference between the Pro and the regular August smart lock when it comes to smart home system integration is that the Pro is compatible with Apple HomeKit and can be controlled by Siri with voice commands.

The regular August smart lock, even with the optional Wi-Fi hub, can’t do this.

So, if you want Apple HomeKit functionality, the Pro is the way to go.

It should be noted that for the Pro, it is not necessary to purchase the optional Wi-Fi hub in order to integrate with Apple HomeKit or other Z-wave enabled smart home systems/devices.

Both locks integrate with the following smart home systems/devices (if the optional Wi-Fi hub is purchased for the regular August smart lock):

  • nest
  • IFTTT-enabled devices
  • SimpliSafe home security systems
  • logitech
  • Yonomi
  • wink
  • xfinity
  • stringify
  • brilliant
  • Leviton
  • Control4
  • Airbnb
  • homeaway

Because of the August Pro’s Z-wave functionality, that smart lock will also integrate with Honeywell smart devices and Samsung’s SmartThings hub.

We have to say, this is a fairly impressive list of pairable systems, beating out most other smart locks on the market when it comes to smart home compatibility.

Keep in mind, if you use Apple HomeKit or SmartThings as a smart home system, or want your smart lock to integrate with Honeywell smart devices, you’ll need to purchase the August Pro.

If you want the high level of compatibility reported above with the regular August smart lock, you will need to purchase the optional Wi-Fi hub.

One final note on compatibility here—both locks integrate directly with the Airbnb and homeaway sites, meaning guests are alerted through those sites about reservations and home entry procedures, including any access codes you’ve created for them to get in.

Because these smart locks are compatible with a wide selection of popular smart home hubs and devices, but only the Pro is Z-wave enabled (and a Wi-Fi hub must be purchased for some functionality with both locks), these locks get a 9/10 rating in this category.

Ease of Installation

Because the August Pro is a round puck, and the regular August lock is a rounded rectangle, their installations are just a bit different.  We note in the steps below where they differ from one another.

They are both lock attachments, so there’s no need to remove your existing lock’s exterior hardware.  You will need to remove the interior hardware prior to installing either lock, however.

Using the tape provided, you will tape the exterior portion of your existing lock in place prior to installing either smart lock.

There are only a few steps, which we list below to help you make your buying decision.

  1. Attach the mounting plate.
  2. Then attach the appropriate adapter depending on your deadbolt.
  3. Rotate the thumb turn to match your lock’s orientation (regular August lock only).
  4. Next, open both of the side wing latches.
  5. Attach the lock to the mounting plate.
  6. Secure the side wing latches.
  7. Remove the faceplate and the battery tabs.
  8. Finally, replace the faceplate.

That’s it!  If you’d like to control the regular lock beyond Bluetooth range, you will need to purchase the optional Wi-Fi adapter and connect to your home network.  This will also allow you to integrate with other smart home devices/systems.

If you have the August Pro, you will only need to purchase the optional Wi-Fi adapter if you’d like to use the app to control the lock remotely and/or you want to use Alexa or Google assistant with your lock.  Because the August Pro is already Z-wave enabled, it can work with other Z-wave systems/devices without a Wi-Fi bridge.

We liked how easy the installation instructions were to follow, and the fact that each step came with large, easy-to-understand illustrations.  Most of all, we liked that it’s an easy one-person job—just grab a screwdriver and the lock parts, and you’re all set.

For those reasons, we gave this lock a 10/10 on installation.

Robustness of the App

What the app can do and how easy it is to use

The August app, which is the same for both versions of the August lock (Pro or regular), works with Apple and Android devices, and is a free download.

With the August app, you can create unlimited digital keys that give others the ability to lock and unlock the door.  These digital keys can be set for certain times or days or be permanent, and can be revoked at any time by the owner.

These e-keys do require that guests download the August app on their smartphones and set up their own account, however.  While not a huge issue, it could be a hassle for one-time guests to add an app to their smartphones and set up an account if they’re only going to be in your home once.

Of course, the app allows you to lock or unlock the door remotely (with the optional wi-fi bridge, or within Bluetooth range without it), and also lets you know if the door is locked, closed but unlocked, or open.

You can also see who has locked or unlocked the door and when in your activity log, including how the door was opened.

You can also select an auto-lock feature that allows you to re-lock the door after a set time, such as two minutes after it’s been unlocked.

The app also uses geofencing technology to determine when your phone is outside the door and unlocks it on your approach.

The only way to let guests access your home if you’re beyond Bluetooth range, however, is to purchase the optional Wi-Fi hub to have true remote access to the lock, or to control this feature through a Z-wave enabled device that you can already control remotely.

One special feature of this smart lock’s app that we haven’t seen in others is the option to get alerts for certain users.  For instance, you can set up special alerts every time your child accesses the lock, or any time the dogwalker locks and unlocks the door.

Overall, this app has some of the best features we’ve seen in one package.

For those reasons, the August smart lock’s app gets a 10/10 in this category.

Getting In

How this smart lock opens the door

If you purchase the regular August smart lock, you have the option of remotely opening the door within Bluetooth range via the app, or with the lock’s geofencing technology if the auto-unlock feature has been enabled.

This feature senses when your phone is outside the lock and automatically unlocks the door for you.

In order to lock or unlock the door beyond Bluetooth range, you will need to purchase the optional wi-fi hub if you only have the regular August lock.

If you have the August Pro, not only can you get in via the app and geofencing technology, you can also control the lock remotely through any Z-wave enabled smart device/system.

With the optional Wi-Fi hub, you can also remotely lock or unlock the door beyond Bluetooth range, for the same functionality as the regular August lock.

If using Apple HomeKit to control your August Pro, the Apple Home app can also be used to access the lock remotely, though you may get double notifications—one through the August app and one through the Apple Home app.

While we would have preferred to see a touchscreen or keypad included with these locks, because of how easy they are to use, and how few glitches users have reported with them, the August smart locks get a 9/10 in this category.


$149-$279 (Pro with optional Wi-Fi bridge)

The August Pro retails for $229, while the regular August smart lock retails for $149.

Interestingly, for an additional $50 (for the Pro), you can add the optional Wi-Fi bridge, for a total of $279.  However, for the regular smart lock, it’s an additional $70 to add the Wi-Fi bridge, for a total of $219.

We were able to find the regular lock for as low as $108.74 online without the optional bridge, and the Pro for as low as $256 with the optional Wi-Fi bridge.

This lock is pretty simple to use on a daily basis; however, functions are pretty limited on the regular August lock unless you purchase the optional Wi-Fi hub.  In addition, while there is an optional keypad for those who prefer using access codes, it must be purchased separately.

If you have your heart set on an August lock, we’d recommend spending a few extra dollars and getting the August Pro, which opens up the world of Z-wave compatible devices and systems to use with the lock.

The main issues users have reported with both versions of this lock are spotty Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections (which may or may not be the fault of the lock itself) and with the lock lasting just beyond the warranty period and then failing.

This is a big concern, and unfortunately keeps us from giving these locks our highest rating here.

While being a bit pricey for an attachment, both locks offer plenty of integration options and the app comes with many great features, including unlimited digital keys. If not for the warranty concerns, these locks would have earned a 10/10 from us, but they still get a 9/10 in the value category.

Remote Connection Type

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Both?

The main difference between the two versions of the August smart locks is that the August Pro comes with built-in Z-wave technology, while the regular August smart lock doesn’t.

Both smart locks require an optional hub for Wi-Fi connectivity, which is necessary if you want to integrate either lock with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

If you choose to purchase the regular smart lock on its own, without the optional hub, you will be limited to Bluetooth, which may be fine for some users.  However, this greatly limits the lock’s integrations, meaning you won’t be able to pair it with any smart home systems/devices.

Again, that may be perfectly acceptable for some users, but if you want the full range of accessibility options that come with this lock, and you want to control it remotely beyond Bluetooth range, you will need to purchase the optional Wi-Fi bridge.

For this category, because you automatically have a Bluetooth connection, optional Wi-Fi connectivity through the separate bridge, and the option of Z-wave connectivity with the August Pro, we gave the August smart locks a 9/10 here for giving three connection options.

Power Options

Both of the August smart locks are battery powered and use two AA batteries, which should have about a six-month lifespan according to the manufacturer.

However, there is no low-battery indicator in the lock or the app.  While you do still have the option of using a key to get in so you’ll never be locked out, it’s a little surprising that with all of the other features these locks offer, they wouldn’t have a low battery indicator.

A few users reported being locked out because the batteries died without warning and they didn’t have their keys on them, so keep that in mind if you decide to purchase the August or August Pro smart lock.

We balanced the cost of replacing two batteries at once (and the frequency of replacing the batteries) against having a backup key, and gave August smart locks a 7.5/10 in this category.

Lock Type

Lock attachment or full lock?

Both the August Pro and the regular August smart lock are lock attachments, meaning they replace the interior portion of the lock, but the exterior locking mechanism remains in place.

These locks will not work with mortise locks, rim locks, or locks where the door handle is integrated into the lock, but they will work standard, single-cylinder deadbolts.

Lock attachments are not as secure as smart locks that come with their own locking systems.

Because this is a lock attachment, and not a full locking assembly, but it is fairly sturdy, we gave the August smart lock a 7.5/10 here.

Keys or Completely Keyless Entry?

Because these locks simply attach to your existing deadbolt, you still have the option of using a key, for those who aren’t ready to toss their house keys just yet.

Unfortunately, there’s no low battery warning, but since you can always use your key, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked out.

We gave this lock an 8/10 for still allowing the use of the physical key and offering several keyless entry options.


1-year Limited

Both models have the same warranty—a one-year limited hardware warranty, good against defects in materials or workmanship.

However, many other smart locks on the market offer a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical and finish, and a two- or three-year warranty on the electronic components.

At this price point, and with all of the other features these locks have to offer, such a skimpy warranty is a pretty big disappointment.

It was also noted by multiple users that their August smart locks lasted about 14-18 months before becoming completely unusable, but by then, the locks were out-of-warranty.  This is something to be aware of should you choose to purchase an August smart lock.

Because of the lackluster warranty, the August smart locks earn a 6/10.

Additional Features

There is an optional keypad you can purchase separately if you’d prefer to use access codes to lock or unlock your door.

The keys on the numeric keypad are large and easy to read, making this perfect for visually impaired users or anyone who struggles with typing in an access code on a tiny keypad or hard-to-read touchpad.

Both locks have two-factor authentication and two-layer encryption for additional layers of security.

For more information about both locks, you can go to the manufacturer’s website here.