Intermatic IG1240RC3 Review

Read time: 5 minutes Last Updated: 11/19/2019

Intermatic IG1240RC3

  • Utilizes proprietary TPMOV technology to eliminate potentially hazardous failures
  • Can be installed outdoors due to Type 3R plastic enclosure
  • Covers all of the major protection modes, thus ensuring full compatibility with your existing electric system
  • 5-year product warranty backed by $10,000 in damage coverage
  • A bit larger than competing models
  • Single green LED indicator is not particularly user-friendly
6.5 x 8.3 x 8 inches
1.1 lbs.
1 or 2
Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC):
100,000 amps
Enclosure Type:
Outdoor Type 3R Plastic
Alarm or Indicator Light:
Yes 5-year
Our Review

Let’s get right down to brass tacks – the Intermatic IG1240RC3 is a pretty remarkable little surge protector, both inside and out. For its exterior casing, perspective users will be pleased to see that this model utilizes an enclosure made from rainproof, outdoor type 3R plastic. This ensures that this entire unit can perform when you need it most over the course of its full 5-year plus expected lifespan.

Once you peak inside the Intermatic IG1240RC3, however, you’ll begin to see why it has earned such high marks from critical users. Most importantly, this model makes use of proprietary TPMOV surge protection technology that greatly reduces the chance of your unit failing due to sudden heat overload. Intermatic has even stated that this improvement on traditional metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology allows the IG1240RC3 to more effectively manage all 100,000 volts of a plus-sized electric surge.

In terms of value, you are getting more than you bargained for when you install the Intermatic IG1240RC3 in your home. For just over $100, this model provides several worthwhile assurances to its quality and performance, such as a CSA certification. Meanwhile, Intermatic ensures that you’ll be fully satisfied with the IG1240RC3 by pinning it with a productive 5-year warranty.

Read more about our how our ratings broke down for the IG1240RC3 below or checkout how it compares to other whole surge protectors.

Key Specification Ratings

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV) – 8.5/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – The Intermatic IG1240RC3 doesn’t pull any punches in this specification category and it is all the better for it. That’s because its primary MCOV rests at 150 volts, which applies to this model’s L-N and N-G modes. Meanwhile, with L-L or L-G modes engaged, users can expect this model’s MCOV to peak out at 300 volts. While these metrics fall within the regular range for surge protectors in its class, the Intermatic IG1240RC3 still manages to remain resilient when operating over extended periods at the top end of this range.

Voltage Protective Rating (VPR) – 9/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – In so many words, we are thoroughly impressed with the Intermatic IG1240RC3’s assorted VPRs. That’s because this model has managed to raise the bar when it comes to allowing a restricted electricity flow through while a surge event is taking place. To be specific, this model can let through as few as 700 volts and as many as 1,200 volts, depending on if your unit is configured for L-N/N-G or L-L/L-G modes, respectively.

Mode of Protection – 9/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – Because its other core specifications really went above and beyond, it is no surprise that the Intermatic IG1240RC3 provides all four of the primary modes of protection. Depending on your home’s specific needs, you’ll be able to easily place this unit in L-G, L-L, L-N, or N-G modes as soon as you take it out of the box. With just a few adjustments, you’ll also be able to change the mode of protection without needing to fully remount the unit.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Surge Protector

If you’re in the market for a new whole-home surge protector, you should fully understand that not all modern models are built alike or with the same degree of quality. In order to differentiate the various models available today, you’ll need carefully examine and analyze each model’s core specifications and features. From these qualities, you’ll be able to effectively determine whether or not a particular model is appropriate for meeting your home’s surge protection needs.

Before all else, you should check a surge protector model’smaximum continuous operating voltage” (MCOV). This metric communicates how much electricity a given unit can manage at once without overheating or combusting. Due to the intense conditions associated with a power surge, it is essential that you procure a model with a high enough MCOV to properly accommodate your home’s expected energy output during a surge event.

Also, all high-quality whole-home surge protectors will include a voltage protective rating (VPR) in the specification listing. This metric is designed to communicate how much power a unit will allow through to your home during a surge event. Homeowners who use other electric-powered equipment to protect their homes during storms (such as a sump pump) should ensure that their chosen model’s VPR will be high enough to provide for those appliances.

The Final Verdict

When you get down to it, the Intermatic IG1240RC3 is a very impressive surge protector, despite its manufacturer’s diminished standing in the industry. Many large and mid-sized homeowners can make full use of this model, especially if they need to make use of a whole-home surge protector on their home’s exterior. The Intermatic IG1240RC3’s use of proprietary TPMOV technology also makes it resilient, even if it is exposed to multiple 100,000 voly power surges over its entire lifespan.

In short, the Intermatic IG1240RC3 is a surge protector you can count on. For right around $100, the Intermatic IG1240RC3 – and the peace of mind that comes with it – could be yours.