Square D HOM250PSPD Review

Read time: 3 minutes Last Updated: 12/03/2019

Square D by Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD

  • Simplified installation method does not require any wiring when working with a neutral load center
  • Non-metal Type 1 enclosure can withstand outdoor installation in conditions between -4 ̊ F and 149 ̊ F
  • Carries a broad portfolio of certifications from UL, cUL, and CSA
  • Utilize high-energy circuitry that provides surge suppression from severe activity events up to 50,000 amps
  • Front panel may not fit properly after installation
7.5 x 5 x 3.5 inches
7.2 ounces
Maximum Surge Current Capacity:
50,000 amps
Enclosure Type:
Alarm or Indicator Light:
Yes 5-year
Our Review

One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners with experience operating a whole home surge protection system is the issue of installation. Clearly, Schneider Electric listened to feedback and reengineered the HOM250PSPD accordingly because it couldn’t be easier to install. In fact, even a novice DIY should be able to have this model up and running in an hour or two because it does not require any special wiring work.

Once it is up and running, you’ll see why the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD has become a favored recommend from professional electricians. Should a surge hit your home, you can rest assured knowing that this model utilizes high-energy circuitry to provide surge suppression up to 50,000 amps. This model will even stand up to the elements at temperatures between -4 ̊ F and 149 ̊ F due to its use of a type 1 non-metal enclosure.

Read more about our how our ratings broke down for the HOM250PSPD below or checkout how it compares to other whole surge protectors.

Key Specification Ratings

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV) – 7.5/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – The Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD’s MCOVs fall right within the average for models in its class and price range. As such, you can expect this model’s L-N mode to provide a 150 volt MCOV while its L-L mode provides a 300 volt MCOV. While we would like to have seen a slight improvement from the average here, this adherence to the industry average does allow this model to be more useful in small and mid-sized homes.

Voltage Protective Rating (VPR) – 8/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – VPR can be particularly important if your home contains any appliances that must remain on at all times, such as a medical device or a sump pump. Fortunately, the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD should be able to provide at least enough power to these appliances during a surge event due to its VPR at 500 volts and 800 volts for L-N and L-L modes, respectively.

Mode of Protection – 7/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – Generally speaking, smaller whole home surge protection devices contain fewer modes of protection. As such, we don’t want to hold the fact that the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD only makes use of L-N and L-L modes against this model’s manufacturer. Still, though, folks who want to make use of the other two primary modes of protection – N-G and L-G – will need to find another option that still falls within the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD’s sub-$100 price range.

The Final Verdict

Don’t let its average score deter you – the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD is a worthwhile whole home surge protection device that small to mid-sized home owners can truly appreciate. Between its ultra-durable Type 1 enclosure and its use of circuit-based surge suppression technology, you can count on this model to meet and potentially exceed its rated capacity to manage 50,000 amp surges. After taking into account its sub-$100 price tag and useful 5-year warranty, you can be fully certain that the Schneider Electric HOM250PSPD will be a valuable addition to your home’s electric grid.