Square D SDSB80111 Review

Read time: 3 minutes Last Updated: 12/03/2019

Square D by Schneider Electric SDSB80111 Surgebreaker Plus

  • Simplified installation only requires a few screws, while each module snaps securely into place
  • Specifically designed to protect HVAC, lighting, cable, ethernet, telephone, and more from up to 80,000 amps of surge electricity
  • 5-year warranty includes $75,000 downstream coverage
  • NEMA type 1 enclosure is compact and ideal for all indoor installations
  • Heavier than many other competing surge protection devices
2.9 x 5.4 x 11.7 inches
7.1 lbs
1 or 2
Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC):
80,000 amps
Enclosure Type:
NEMA Type 1
Alarm or Indicator Light:
Yes 5-year
Our Review

As soon as you pop the Schneider Electric SDSB80111 out of its box, you’ll know that you’re in for a simplified installation process. That’s because this model makes use of only a few screws, with the rest of the modules mounting into the main unit through a snap-in system. At the same time, you’ll notice that the Schneider Electric SDSB80111’s NEMA 1 enclosure is much for compact than previous models in its class, making it ideal for installation within your home.

Once you have the Schneider Electric SDSB80111 up and running, your whole family can rest assured knowing that this model can suppress up to 80,000 amps of surge electricity from reaching their cable, ethernet, telephone, entertainment systems, and more. In fact, should the Schneider Electric SDSB80111 fail its duty unexpectedly, this model’s manufacturer is willing to pay out up to $75,000 to replace your in-home electric wiring and major appliances.

Read more about our how our ratings broke down for the SDSB80111 below or checkout how it compares to other whole surge protectors.

Key Specification Ratings

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV) – 7.5/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – Like nearly all other consumer-grade surge protectors on the market today, the Schneider Electric SDSB80111 comes standard with a two-tiered MCOV rating. Specifically, this model provides a 150 volt MCOV when in L-N or L-G mode, while this model’s L-L mode carries a 300 volt MCOV. The Schneider Electric SDSB80111 does not include an MCOV for its N-G mode, though, which is a mark against its overall ability to inform shoppers of its core capabilities.

Voltage Protective Rating (VPR) – 8.5/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – The Schneider Electric SDSB80111 has managed to hit the sweet spot for VPRs that will serve the largest percentage of prospective whole home surge protector users. That’s because this model includes three distinct VPR tiers, at 600 volts (L-N), 700 volts (L-G), and 1,000 volts (L-L and N-G), respectively. As such, large and mid-sized home owners will be able to efficiently isolate the mode of protection that most effectively serves their home’s needs for electric pass through during a surge event.

Mode of Protection – 9.0/10

Why Did It Earn this Score? – For a unit that costs just under $200, it comes as no surprise that it provides all four of the primary modes of protection – L-N, L-G, L-L, and N-G. That being said, cheaper models that include all four of these modes tend to cut corners on the upper end of the spectrum, causing their L-L and N-G settings to be all but useless. The Schneider Electric SDSB80111 does not suffer in this way, as all four of its modes of protection exceed both industry standards and user expectations year after year.

The Final Verdict

After digging into the Schneider Electric SDSB80111’s core specifications and features, it’s become wholly apparent why it has become one of the best rated surge protection devices on the market today. We fully agree with other reviews of this unit because it manages to provide enough surge suppression capacity while remaining compact and entirely user-friendly. While other models may claim that they pioneered the “plug and play” method of whole home surge protection, only the Schneider Electric SDSB80111 can say that it has mastered the art.