Can a Landlord Charge a Cleaning Fee in Virginia?

This question is about Virginia Security Deposit Law

In Virginia, landlords are not allowed to charge a cleaning fee unless it is specified in the lease agreement. Landlords may charge a cleaning fee if the cleaning goes above-and-beyond normal usage resulting in the landlord suffering a loss due to the tenant’s non-compliance.
According to Virginia security deposit law, the security deposit covers the following:

  • The payment of accrued rent.
  • The payment of damages that the landlord has suffered due to the tenant’s noncompliance under VA Code § 55.1-1227. 
  • Other damages or charges that are outlined in the lease agreement (i.e., a specific cleaning fee clause).
  • Actual damages for breach of the rental agreement.
  • The security deposit, deductions, damages and charges must be itemized by the landlord via a written notice within 45 days after the termination of tenancy or the date of when the tenant vacates the dwelling unit (whichever is last).

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