Can a Lease Automatically Renew in New York?

This question is about New York Residential Lease Agreement

Yes, leases can automatically renew in New York. Leases can include automatic renewal clauses. In this case, the landlord usually sends a notice regarding the renewal clause 15-30 days before the tenant must notify the landlord if they don’t intend to renew the lease (NY Gen Oblig L § 5-905 (2019)).

The tenant then has 60 days to accept the renewal offer. If the tenant accepts, the landlord has 30 days to provide the tenant with a new lease, which may include increased rent or added provisions.

If the tenant remains at the property past the end of the lease (without notice being given), the tenancy is renewed if the landlord accepts rent. It is assumed to be a month-to-month tenancy (NY Real Prop L § 232-C).

Inside New York City, either party must give 30-days’ notice to terminate a month-to-month tenancy (NY Real Prop L § 232-A). In the rest of the state, at least one months’ written notice is required (NY Real Prop L § 232-B).

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