Can a Lease Automatically Renew in Rhode Island?

This question is about Rhode Island Residential Lease Agreement

Yes, a lease can automatically renew in Rhode Island. Some leases may contain an automatic renewal clause, which can allow the lease to renew either for the same term as the original lease or on a month-to-month basis.

But that isn’t the only way that a lease can be renewed in Rhode Island. If the tenant remains on the property after the original lease term has expired, the landlord can choose to continue to accept rent. If they do, they may decide to renew the lease for a definite term.

Otherwise, the tenancy is considered month-to-month in most cases. If rent is paid weekly, it is considered a week-to-week tenancy (RI Gen L § 34-18-38 (2019)).

To terminate this tenancy, either party must send written notice for at least 10 days for a week-to-week tenancy, 30 days for a month-to-month tenancy, or 3 months for a yearly tenancy (RI Gen L § 34-18-37 (2019)).

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