How Long Can a Residential Lease Be in Minnesota?

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How Long Can a Residential Lease Be in Minnesota? on

The maximum duration of a standard residential lease agreement is one (1) year in Minnesota. Leases are commonly for either 6 months or one year, though longer leases are permissible. Leases with terms of one year or more must be in writing.

Verbal leases are valid for terms of less than one year, or where the landlord owns less than 12 rental units or properties. If they own 12 or more units/properties, the lease is required to be in writing, regardless of duration (MN Stat § 504B.111). It is recommended that all leases be in writing, as they are easier to enforce.

If the length of the tenancy is not defined by the lease, it is assumed to be a periodic lease based on the frequency of rent payments (usually month-to-month).

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