Nebraska Residential Lease Termination Notice


Purpose. A Nebraska lease termination letter (“Notice to Vacate”) is a required document to end month-to-month lease agreements in Nebraska. State law requires giving at least 30 days notice for termination. However, state law does not require notice to be given to end fixed term lease agreements on their end date.

Read further to learn more about notice requirements and the residential lease termination process in Nebraska.

Nebraska Notice Requirements for Lease Termination by Tenant

  • For a fixed-term rental, the tenant will not need to give a notice if they are vacating when the lease ends.
  • In Nebraska, a month-to-month tenant or his or her landlord will be required to notify the other party about an intent to end a month-to-month tenancy within 30 days of the property becoming vacant.
  • For a week-to-week rental, the duration of the lease is all that’s required for a notice period. For this reason, just seven days’ worth of notice is required.

Legally Terminating a Lease Early in Nebraska

  • Active members of the military, under the War and National Defense Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, are exempt from penalty if they are starting military service. From the notification, the lease will be considered ended after 30 days. This is only for the uniformed services. 
  • If there are circumstances in the rental unit that violates the safety and health codes of Nebraska, then the tenant can be granted what’s called a constructive eviction. Constructive evictions allow a tenant to break a lease without any penalties.
  • If there are privacy violations or instances of harassment from the landlord, then the tenant can also file for a constructive eviction.