How Long Can a Residential Lease Be in Georgia?

This question is about Georgia Residential Lease Agreement

In Georgia, the maximum length of a standard residential lease is one (1) year. Leases with a duration longer than one year must be in writing, and the terms must be agreed upon by the landlord and tenant.

Even written leases cannot exceed a period of five years (GA Code § 44-7-1 (2018)). Oral leases are legal for leases with shorter durations (GA Code § 44-7-2 (2018)), though the same laws apply. It is recommended that all lease agreements be in writing, as oral leases are difficult to enforce.

Unlike most states, the lease does not have an implied duration if none is specified in Georgia. Instead, the tenancy is implied to be a tenancy at will (GA Code § 44-7-6 (2018)).

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