Letter to Tenant Stating Property is Under New Management

Hiring a property manager for your property can be extremely beneficial for your rental business. If you have decided to hire a new property manager or switch management companies, you should let your tenant know.

Writing a clear, concise letter that introduces the new management to your tenants is a great way of ensuring they are up to date on the current changes in the property. The processes for paying rent and submitting maintenance requests may be different, for instance, so it’s essential that your tenants are aware.

What to Include in the Letter

Before you begin your letter introducing the new management company, make sure you know all of the important information you need to mention. Here are the key elements you should include in your letter:

  • A formal introduction to the property management company, including their name and website
  • Contact information for the person in charge of management like a phone number and email address
  • A guide to using the new property management software, if applicable
  • Instructions on how to pay rent and a reminder of when it’s due
  • An explanation of how to submit and schedule maintenance requests

Besides the basics, you should also prompt tenants that their lease agreement will remain the same and the terms will continue to be upheld. Check your state laws just in case there are any specific regulations for informing tenants about a change in management.

The letter can come from the property owner/landlord, property manager/person in charge, or the property management company itself. It should be professional and informative, clearly explaining any changes that require a tenant’s attention.

This letter stating that your property is under new management will serve as a record of notification for new payment promises or maintenance requests. That means a tenant won’t be able to claim they had no idea that they didn’t know how to pay rent or who to call for maintenance.

Example of Letter


[Company Name]


[Tenant Name]

Dear Tenant,

This letter is to inform you that the rental property is currently under new management. Recently, the property owner has decided to hire the company [Company Name] to handle all aspects of your tenancy, including rent collection, maintenance requests, leasing, rental renewals, and so on. These changes are effective immediately, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the following information and instructions. Please note that your lease agreement has not changed and the terms will continue to be upheld as usual.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change in management, please contact the new site manager, [Property Manager Name]:

Phone: [Phone Number]
Email: [Email Address]

New Property Management Software

To help streamline all of your tenancy needs, the property management company has employed new software dedicated to handling the ins and outs of a rental business. You can access the software by logging on to [Link to Software’s Website] and creating an account. On your profile’s dashboard, you will be able to pay rent and submit maintenance requests. You will also have a way of contacting the property’s management company, should you need any help.

Rent Payments

To pay rent, click on the “Pay Rent” button on your [Property Management Software’s] dashboard. There, you can choose a payment method and enter your billing information. You can also set up recurring payments or receive email notifications to remind you when rent is due every month. This way, you can ensure that your rent will always be on time and you won’t incur any late fees. If you have issues with

Maintenance Requests

On your account’s dashboard, under the “Pay Rent” button, you will see another “Maintenance Requests” button. When you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can submit new maintenance requests and check the status of previous ones. Make sure that you submit maintenance requests as soon as you notice a problem in your rental unit. If you would like to schedule the maintenance for a specific time, there is also an option for that on the “Maintenance Requests” page. Again, should you have any problems, feel free to contact customer support or your site manager.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional management and maintaining a safe, enjoyable atmosphere. Any questions or concerns should be relayed to your site manager, [Property Manager Name]. We hope to make the transition to a new property manager as seamless as possible and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Other Ways to Notify Tenants

Besides sending a formal letter to a tenant’s mailbox or delivering it to their door, there are other ways of notifying tenants of the new management. Not notifying tenants of a change in management is extremely unprofessional and may cause issues in the future. Your tenants should be kept up-to-date on at all times.

  • Send an email. If your management company is using an online property management software, then there is probably a way of sending out general emails to all your tenants at once. The email can be exactly the same as the formal letter, just make sure to include any important links that tenants can click on. If you have elderly tenants or tenants with disabilities who may have trouble using the internet, consider talking to them about an alternative way to receive updates on the property.
  • Post a notice on your business website or social media If your tenants follow you on Instagram or Facebook to get updates on property events or other information, then posting about the new management is a great idea. Photos can also be helpful for tenants to identify new staff members that may be on site often, like a maintenance person or a leasing agent. Keep in mind that a social media post should be supplementary to a letter or email since you can’t guarantee that all of your tenants follow you.
  • Write an article for your tenant newsletter or blog. Again, a nice photo and short introduction about the new management should help tenants get to know the new staff and learn about the property’s changes.
  • Call your tenants. If you only manage a few properties and have a small number of tenants, you can make a few phone calls to update them on the change in management. If they don’t answer, just leave them a voicemail. The message should be short and to the point, introducing the new property manager and providing contact information. Always invite tenants to call you with any questions or concerns.

No matter which way (or ways) you tell tenants about the new property management company, make sure you remain professional and positive. The way you communicate to your tenants will have a great effect on your relationship with them and how they adjust to any changes.

Jaleesa Bustamante

Jaleesa Bustamante