How Often Can Landlords Raise Rent?

Last Updated: May 18, 2023 by Ashley Porter

Although most states do not regulate the frequency of rent increases, some state or city laws require landlords to wait a certain period (usually 6-12 months) between each increase in rent.

State Maximum Frequency of Rent Increases
California Twice per year
Colorado Once per year
Delaware Once per year (mobile homes only)
Idaho Once per 6 months (mobile homes only)
Minnesota Twice per year (mobile homes only)
New Jersey Limited by rent control in many cities
New York Rent controlled: Once per year
Rent stabilized: Every 1-2 years (depending on lease term)
North Dakota In some situations, rent cannot be increased within 6 months after the sale of a mobile home
Oregon None during the first year of the tenancy
Washington D.C. Once per year

In addition to state regulations, some cities have laws regulating frequency of rent increases. For example, rent increases in Portland, Maine are limited to once per year, but state law does not cap the maximum number of rent increases per year.