Cost of an Eviction in Arizona

Cost of an Eviction in Arizona

Last Updated: January 23, 2023 by Elizabeth Souza

The total cost of an eviction in Arizona for all filing, court, and service fees varies heavily. For cases filed in Justice Court (used for claims under $10,000), the average cost is $177. For cases filed in Superior Court (for claims over $10,000), the average cost is $362.

Fee Justice  Superior
Initial Court Filing $35 $218
Summons Service ~$16 ~$16
Writ of Restitution Issuance $28 $203
Writ of Restitution Service $10 or less $10 or less
Writ of Restitution Execution $48+ $48+
Notice of Appeal (Optional) $203 $203
Document Copies (Optional) $0.50/ea $0.50/ea

1. Initial Court Fee

In Arizona, if the eviction notice expires and the tenant remains on the property without correcting the issue, the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit (“Forcible Entry and Detainer”) with the court the following business day.

The filing fee for an initial Forcible Entry and Detainer is $35 in Justice Court and $218 in Superior Court. Note, the initial court fee is applicable to all counties in Arizona.

2. Summons Service Fee

In Arizona, once a Complaint is filed, the court will issue a Summons. The Summons is the tenant’s official notice of an eviction lawsuit and contains important information (i.e., when and where to appear in court). The landlord must arrange for a process server to deliver the Summons to the tenant.

The Summons service fee varies by process server. For example, a sheriff or constable may charge $16 for delivering a Summons; however, a registered private process server may charge more.

The process server will deliver the Summons to each tenant named in the eviction at least 2 judicial days before the court hearing.

3. Writ of Restitution Issuance Fee

In Arizona, if the court rules in favor of the landlord, the court shall issue a Writ of Restitution. The writ is the tenant’s final notice to vacate the premises. In Justice Court the filing fee for a writ is $28 and the filing fee for a writ in Superior Court is $30. Note, the writ fee is applicable to all counties in Arizona.

The writ is issued by the court 5 calendar days after judgment, unless the eviction is for “irreparable” breaches then the writ will be issued 12 to 24 hours after judgment.

4. Writ of Restitution Service Fee

In Arizona, a sheriff or constable must serve the Writ of Restitution to the tenant. They may charge a service fee that does not exceed $10.

5. Writ of Restitution Execution Fee

In Arizona, a sheriff or constable may charge $48 plus $40 per hour per deputy or constable for actual time spent (in excess of 3 hours) for executing the writ or returning to the property to remove the tenant.

6. Notice of Appeal Fee

If either party chooses to file an Appeal, they may do so as long as the Notice of Appeal is filed within 5 calendar days of the judgment. If the eviction was originally filed in the Justice Court, the Appeal will be transferred and heard in Superior Court. The filing fee is $203. Note, the Notice of Appeal fee is applicable to all counties in Arizona.

7. Copy Fee

In Arizona, if either party wants to make copies of any document at Justice Court or Superior Court, the fee is $0.50 per page. Note, the copy fee is applicable to all counties in Arizona.